Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Seven more, plus a Bonus Peek.....

I'm still doing the 30 day challenge to sketch a different place, in a different style, with a different artist every day for a month. The sketch above was of a duck pond in England, done in gouache.

Although this style was nothing I'd ever tried before, I really enjoyed doing this scene from DUMBO, in Manhattan, NY this way. I think it's a great way to sketch overly busy urban scenes.

This watercolor sketch is of a Quebec City street. This style is the one that I am most familiar with. This is also one of the few places we've sketched so far where I've actually been!

This watercolor sketch of the coast of California, from Carmel by the Sea also used techniques I am familiar with; from wet-in-wet painting, water spraying, spatter, and the use of salt and plastic wrap. (I could not help but think, as I was sketching this, of the little tapestry I did of crashing waves.)

Day 10 was a pen and colored pencil sketch of a Toronto artist's living room. I do like sketching interiors, so this was fun!

This is the Santa Maria della Pietà church in Calascio, Italy. This sketch is also watercolor, over a pen drawing.

The week ended with this very quick and playful lesson with an artist and architect in Mexico City. She encouraged us to play with the images and with the materials, so this was done in marker, watercolor, colored pencils, and crayons. I think this is a style I'll enjoy using in a travel sketchbook, if I ever get to travel again!

Finally, here is a sneak peek of the tapestry postcard I made of the Queen, and just sent off to England! It's still on the loom, here, and she was fancied up, fit for a queen, in the finishing process. I'll post an 'official' photo of the postcard when the ATA postcard exchange is ready to show all our little tapestries.

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