Saturday, October 24, 2020

Tapestry on my mind...

I have heard of artists who ‘are given’ art works, supposedly from a muse, or somewhere beyond themselves. Generally speaking, I am not one of those lucky artists. I usually start with a tiny germ of an idea, then work it out with much effort, and sometimes even blood, sweat, and tears. However, early in my weaving life, I did once dream a totally complete tapestry, that I knew to have been created by me, but that I’d not yet created. Back then, my design skills and materials were very simple, so it took me a great deal of time (over a year) to finally get that dream tapestry out of my brain, onto paper, and then onto the loom. But when it was woven, I recognized it as the tapestry I had dreamed.

Sadly, that was a one time thing.... until yesterday morning. When I woke up yesterday, while still groggy and without even putting my glasses on, I saw a tapestry on the wall that I haven’t yet woven. There actually is one of my tapestries on the wall in the space I was looking, but I saw it as a completely new and different image, not anything like the tapestry that was there. As I now have more sophisticated design tools, and more advanced skills, I worked to create the design I’d seen throughout the day. I sketched it in Procreate on my iPad, and worked to make it fit the image I had ‘seen.’

This is what I started with. I had also started with a working title; ‘Prayer of Despair.’ It’s not a bright cheery image, or idea, but I think it reflects the times we are in with women losing loved ones to violence and disease, and women’s rights being threatened yet again. And I have things in my own life that often make me despair right now, as well. My original vision was that both hands were fists, but I decided to make one a fist, in anger and despair, and the other one open, in supplication.

At the end of the day, this is the image I had created, and it is very close to what I had imagined. At this time, I am not sure that I will weave this tapestry. Perhaps our lives will get brighter by the time my current tapestry is off the loom, and this design will no longer be relevant. And the design may evolve more over time, as well. But for now, it is at least out of my mind; a rare ‘gifted’ tapestry in the making.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

October, with some Inktober...

This month is Inktober, and I started the month participating, knowing I wouldn't want to stress myself by forcing the prompts. I made it through the first couple of weeks, but decided after that I would rather sketch in my sketch journal, with my more meaningful content. Here are a few of the sketches I've done recently. You can see the others on my Instagram account.
In addition, I finished weaving this tiny portrait tapestry. It is 4x4 inches, and is actually still on the little loom, until I need the loom for something else.
In addition, I'm weaving when I can on the large tapestry, as well. About halfway through!

Monday, October 5, 2020

Come to the High Country with me!

The road to our cabin, the red is scrub oak


These red trees are a stand of aspen that are always red!

Today's watercolor sketch in my sketchbook

I have sketched the scrub oak and aspen leaves from around our cabin every fall for the last 8 years, at least. Before that, I used to bring home pockets full of them, and hang them on the refrigerator until they dried up and fell off. Sketches are better - they last longer! 

Fall is my favorite time of year. The colorful leaves excite me far more than spring blooms do, and I have felt that way all my life.

In addition to the sketches, I have woven fall leaves a number of times over the years, and here are a few of the Autumn tapestries.

Aspen Autumn (1996, 48x34")

FALL/ don't fall! (1998,  21x34")

October  (2013,  18x18")


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Another Loss

digital sketch, with respect


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Cats! An Illustration Project...

Earlier in the year, I did a sketchbook spread of cats, many of which I had found in books from my childhood.

I decided I wanted to challenge myself to learn to make a repeat pattern, so I began with the cat sketches.

I ordered one yard each from two different online sources, and These had been recommended by illustrators I follow on Instagram. I ordered them at the same time, and ordered 100% cotton from both, using the same pattern source (the photo above,) altering just the size of the repeat. The Spoonflower fabric came about 2 weeks sooner than the other, but that may be because of where they are located in distance from me. It is the larger print fabric. I felt that the cats, are 'sharper' on this piece of fabric, but again, that may be because of the size of the repeat. It was also a bit less expensive that the other fabric. Both fabrics washed well, and they feel like they are the same material.

The smaller print is perfect for face masks, so, with about half of it, I made masks for loved ones. I still have not decided what I will use the larger print for.

Who is that masked maker?

One of the mask recipients sent me a lovely photo of herself in the mask, and I couldn't resist sketching it, with a collaged 'mask' of scrap fabric for my morning sketch today!

I also decided to use a bit of the smaller print for the background fabric behind these two silly little tapestries of Ringo and Poe. I've had this old frame for years, wanting to find just the right thing to put in it. I'm not sure if I will leave it like this permanently, but for now, at least, I'm happy with it.

Monday, September 14, 2020


The link for the Virtual Opening Reception for this exhibit is 
The reception is at 6:00 pm, Mountain Time. After the reception, the exhibit can be viewed on the Webster Arts website at 
I have a tapestry in the exhibit, which I am quite happy about, as I find red to be the most important color in my palette! I use it in some form in all of my tapestries. I'm looking forward to seeing how my favorite color is used by other artists in the exhibit!

All Passion Spent

Sunday, August 2, 2020

End of a bumpy month....

The month of July was, once again, a rough ride. I'm hoping the fall (November, especially) will see our world becoming more sane. In the meantime, I distracted myself from the terrifying rollercoaster ride on the daily news by doing the #30Faces30Days challenge on #Sktchy, concentrating on learning to use #Procreate to create digital portraits. The image above includes the 29 I did from Sktchy, and one self-portrait (there was one day I was just not interested in doing the muse selected, so I sketched myself and a photo-bombing Poe instead.) 
The last Sktchy portrait (face with lightening rainbow) also was animated, but I couldn't figure out how to get it here, so, if you'd like to see the animation, go to my Instagram account.

As the month ended, I felt I needed to do a couple of sketches in my sketch journal, to commemorate a lost hero, and to celebrate some new ones.