Friday, December 1, 2017

December is upon us.....

And I don't even know what to say about that! Except that, as a person very fond of Peace, Quiet, and Tranquility, I am often overwhelmed by the demands of the holiday season.

With Thanksgiving just past, I will post a few things I have created this past month. The sketches are from images shared for artists on the Sktchy App. They are all done with various media (watercolor, colored pencils, ink) in a small Stillman & Birn sketchbook, so are about 4"x6" in size.

The Missing Tooth!

This tiny tapestry was also created from a Sktchy photo, which I chose because it reminded me of my son at that age. It is about 3.5x4" and was woven on a tiny loom, as you can see!

Right now, my work is not so fun. I am needing, and attempting, to rebuild my website, which I lost some time ago when the server it was on chose to no longer supports websites. I can sketch, and I can weave, and I can do a number of other things, but building a website is really not one of my talents! I will, however, let you know when it is up and running. Let's all cross our fingers, and hope that happens before I run out of patience and toss my computer out my second floor office window!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

When you ask for encouragement.....

I have been artistically discouraged, of late, even contemplating 'throwing in the towel.' But, having asked the Power that is in charge of such things for encouragement and direction, it has come in unexpected and delightful ways. First, from encouraging words from a respected tapestry peer (thank you again, Tommye,) and this morning from a really unexpected place! I joined Sktchy a year or so ago, not having much time to weave, but hoping to stay creative by sketching and sharing with the art community there. For the most part, I have shared just sketches, inspired by photos people post there for artists to use. But I have occasionally posted tapestries, as well, usually inspired by challenges the app posts.

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see my tapestry work as the feature of the day - on a sketching community! Needless to say, it made my day, and gave me a much needed moral boost! Thank you, #Sktchy! And thank you to the community of artists there who have supported and encouraged me so generously in all my creative attempts through the past year!

Monday, November 6, 2017


This is the completed 'Graffiti' tapestry. It is approximately 32"x24".  It seems appropriate that I post it today, a year after it began to create itself in my imagination. It feels like it sums up the past year perfectly for me. It has been a hard year.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Inktober: It's a Wrap!

I'm going to let you peek into me Inktober sketchbook today, as the month is wrapping up. I have enjoyed the challenge more this year than in the two years past that I took part. It has not been a good month for me, with many personal challenges to face, so I think the daily sketching has been a bit of an escape route, or maybe a meditation. At any rate, I think it was a good thing to do this year.

These are not necessarily in order. The Inktober prompts are below each sketch.



Found (as in, found passion)

Trail (this is the Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch)

This is the last prompt, for tomorrow, Halloween Day.

Here is the 'story' that I will post with it:

Grandma and I were mighty tired of the wolf and his wiley ways,
so we got a mask and set out to change the rules of the game he plays. 
No longer will Mr BB Wolf play us for the fool: 
its time he learns a new fact of life: we Girls Rule!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Inktober, Still!

I confess that I look forward to Inktober every year. It makes me hone my skills with ink, which used to be a very scary medium for me. This year, I am trying to use a brush pen more: even less control and more 'messy!' I am a bit of a control; freak when it comes to creating, and I really dislike messes! I won't use ink (or pastels) in the studio, as I'm afraid I'll end up with them all over the yarn and tapestries that live there. That's how messy I am. So I make those messes elsewhere, and test my sweet husband's tolerance level.

I don't 'commit' to doing a sketch every day of Inktober, but this year I have somehow managed to do one every day so far.  Here are some of this week's sketches and the prompts that inspired them.


This sketch was done from a video taken from a camera in the owl box in our yard. This is one of the Western Screech Owls that hang out in our neighborhood.

 This is one of my grandsons, running cross country.



I kind of have an Inktober routine now! I sketch the outlines and ink in shadows in the evening, then give it a chance to really dry before adding color the next morning. Then I post them on Instagram and Sktchy - both apps which are very encouraging to artists. Most of the inspiration I use is from Sktchy photos, which are there for artists to use. Here are the steps for one of the sketches above:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Inktober, and tapestry tears

These are the last things I wove into the Graffiti Tapestry, which is now off the loom. They speak of things I cannot yet speak of, without tears of my own.

I am a believer of using creativity, rather than alcohol or drugs, to help heal. So this month is "Inktober" and I am trying to work my way through my sadness and frustration. To participate in Inktober, you are supposed to follow a prompt and do an ink sketch each day in the month. As in the past two years, I am sketching when I can, and following the props if I want to. In other words, I will not let myself feel stressed by 'supposed to's.'

So far, I actually HAVE sketched each day, and have used the prompts. I won't share all my sketches here, though I usually post them on Instagram. The sketch above was for Day 2, the prompt being 'divided.' I chose to sketch Superman/Clark Kent, because he 'divided' his time between making news and reporting it. (Lately, my heroes have been the ones reporting, rather than the ones making the news. Just saying...)

Day 3 was yesterday, and the prompt was 'poison.' Every Harry Potter fan knows that poison is to be found on Knockturn Alley!

Today's prompt was 'underwater.' So here's today's obvious sketch.

I have an empty loom. I need to clean my studio, and rewarp, and begin to weave again. Weaving is what I do.

Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11 - still.....

This is the small tapestry I did for the September 11th Memorial Tapestry. As I revisit it today, I am seeing it as my first 'graffiti' tapestry! And, now that I think on it, I did another bit of woven graffiti, as well. 

This tapestry was woven when I was totally exhausted, physically and emotionally, from a project I was doing.

It amuses me somewhat that, when I am emotionally charged, I turn to 'graffiti,'  which is an immediate art form for expressing reactions and emotions 'Loudly' and quickly.  But I must express it the only way I know how: in one of the slowest, most 'non-immediate' mediums, handwoven tapestry.

September 11th was an emotionally charged and exhausting experience for us all. I still have tears fill my eyes when I see this small tapestry, because I believe I truly wept through the entire process of creating it.

The large tapestry I am weaving now....  well, I'm sure you will see my emotions spill out from it when it is completed.