Thursday, October 10, 2019

Inktober 2019!

This will be the third (maybe fourth?) year that I have participated in the online challenge Jake Parker set up for artists to do a sketch or drawing in ink every day in October. I succeeded in meeting that challenge a few times, but totally missed it altogether last year. So this year I am participating, as much as I can, without causing myself stress.  There have already been a couple of days that I didn't do a sketch, as too much else was going on.  

Each day has a prompt. Day one's prompt (above sketch) was 'ring.'

Day2  'Mindless'

 Many of the artists are attempting to become more proficient with the medium (ink - in all it's varied forms.)  My goal this year, though, is to remind myself that my sketchbook is for fun, a place to play with images, ideas, and a medium I am not extremely familiar with.

Day3   'Bait'
 The main inking tools I have been using so far are a fountain pen, with waterproof ink; a brush pen (also waterproof ink;) ballpoint pens (in many colors); and occasionally Inktense water soluble pencils. Ballpoint pens have been what I've been using mostly, as they are quick and easy to grab, so I can sketch watching TV in the basement, in my sitting room or studio, or even on the porch. A true lazy artist's medium, I am finding!
Day 4   'Freeze'

Day 5  'Build'

Day 7  'Enchanted'

Day 9   'Swing'
 With the exception of Day 3 ('Bait' - which is a sketch of my husband) I have used images to sketch from that are posted on the #Sktchy App, for artists to use.
Day 10   'Pattern'

Saturday, September 28, 2019


This morning, this is where I am on the "Graffiti Garden" tapestry, after an hour or two of morning work. As I sat weaving, it became apparent that I could actually finish weaving this tapestry and cut it off tonight or tomorrow. That thought stopped my work, and actually brought tears to my eyes. How bizarre!

I am normally excited to cut a tapestry from the loom, and I am, after all, trying to complete this to meet a deadline. So why should it make me sad to finish it? I confess that I am not someone who just lets these thoughts pass by... I had to examine this feeling of 'loss' - and yes, I think I feel that I will have 'lost' something when the weaving ends on this tapestry.

I will have lost a feeling that there is something that I can control, in this world that is spinning totally out of control. I will have lost the solitude of weaving, that I often had to fight to create time for during the creation of this tapestry. I have a very strong connection to this tapestry, as it's meaning has morphed several times during it's design and weaving process (and I will share those changes at some later time.) 

After the tapestry comes off the loom, it will no longer 'belong' to me.... It will belong to exhibits and jurors and viewers, and perhaps even to someone who will find that it was created just for them to own. That is what happens when you are a working and exhibiting artist. While it is on the loom, it still has my life woven into it, (and a few cat hairs from our Gus, whom I lost during the weaving.) When it is off the loom, it will, hopefully, go out into the world, and my connection to it, my meditation time as I pass weft through it's warp, will be done.

I confess that, as an artist, it is the time at the loom which is of extreme value to me, especially as  studio time seems to be more rare and scarce than it used to be for me. This tapestry has brought me back to the loom and reminded me that I am a weaver.  So I guess I just need to keep weaving........

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Still weaving....

This was last week's progress (above) and now this morning (below,) after weaving a L.O.T. over the weekend, and for the past few days. I am trying to get this off the loom by (hopefully) the end of the month. As you can see, there is still a good bit of weaving to do - about 4.5 inches, plus a hem. Then the slit-sewing, blocking, lining, etc, that comprises the finishing process will have to take place pretty efficiently, so I can meet a deadline.

You might think that what I am weaving now, the more subtle background area, would weave more quickly and easily than the bright and wild floral areas below, but that is actually not the case. With the 'flowers,' I could weave shapes and areas up to the shapes. The background has no hard edges, and has a good bit of hatching going on. So I need to weave larger areas all together, which is v e r y slow weaving for me. I am pretty happy with the contrasting effect, however.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Graffiti Garden progress....

A bit more than halfway completed now!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

"Graffiti Garden" progress

The "Graffiti Garden" (working title) tapestry is about a quarter of the way woven now! I am really having fun with this tapestry; each day the work seems like a little tapestry of it's own! I am not trying to be literal with this piece, and I'm sure that is already visible. The 'flowers' are not really any recognizable flowers: they are just flower-like shapes and colors, as you can see in the detail shot below.

A video of weaving this in progress can be seen on my FB page here.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Sketchbook Project

I've mentioned before how important my sketchbook, and the practice of keeping a sketchbook, is to me. For this past Christmas, my son gave me a #SketchbookProject sketchbook. It was a project I have watched others participate in for some time, and it was on my 'someday' list. Well, with the gift, 'Someday' came! The sketchbook was filled and sent in shortly after the first of the year. It is finally up online, to be viewed! You can access it here.  Then you can also see other sketchbooks! If you are in the Brooklyn, NY area, you can also go and check my sketchbook out to see it 'in person.'

I think my scans of the sketches are quite a bit better than the ones they have put up, but then, I only had one sketchbook to scan, and they are trying to get thousands uploaded! You can see some of my scans here  and a flip-through of the whole book here. As I filled the sketchbook, I also posted every sketch on both my Instagram and Sktchy pages, and they are still there.

Just letting you know, as I promised I would!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Studio Tuesday 2; Graffiti Garden tapestry....

Although it may not look like much to you, I have made what I consider to be impressive progress on the new tapestry! My goal is to weave 1.5" per week up the warp, and I have almost completed that for this week! The warp is about 30" wide, as the resulting tapestry will be.  I do need to weave a bit extra this week, as my grandson will be here next week, and I fully intend to spend as much time doing what he wants to do as possible, and I'm pretty sure his choice will not be to watch me slowly weaving a tapestry!

I will be pulling a lot of yarns from my bins, as this is to be a very colorful tapestry. To keep track of colors and color blends I'm using, so they can be repeated throughout the tapestry, I weave a tiny bit of each new butterfly onto my small Hockett-style loom. As the tapestry progresses and disappears around the lower beam, this record of color and yarns used will be very important to me.

And here is another sketchbook page. It was inspired by a photo on the #Sktchy app; a lovely wall of graffiti flowers!

The sun is not yet down... a bit more weaving time for me on this Studio Tuesday!