Friday, April 6, 2018

A few sketches from March....

Last month I did a '30 journal pages in 30 days' online challenge. I think I missed one or two days, but I filled a lot of my sketch journal! Here are a few of the pages from the challenge. Most were posted on my IG account.

I tried to use as many different media as I could. So these have been done in colored pencils, ballpoint pens, acrylic paint markers, pastels, watercolor, and more. Plus, added ephemera.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy March 17th!

I am doing a 30-day sketch journal challenge this month. I will share some of my other sketches here before the month is out, I'm sure. This is today's sketchbook spread. I took this challenge on because I felt my personal sketchbook journal was being neglected, and I am enjoying getting back into this habit again. Today I loved listening to my Irish music while I did this. So when I look at the sketch, I hear The Cranberries, Enya, Clannad, The Clancy Brothers and more. I need to play that playlist more often!

I've been battling bronchitis, along with just about everybody else, I think, so have been quite low energy. But I did get the small tapestry lined and packed, ready to go in the mail to the exhibit on Monday.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We Persist....

I think Persistence is a good characteristic for a tapestry weaver! I began this small 8x10" tapestry a bit more than a week ago. I was determined to get it done for the ATA small tapestry exhibit, which I had entered before the loom was even warped, and for which the finished piece is due very soon! Knowing it must be done quickly, I warped it at only 8epi, and wove it with doubled weft, except for the face area, where I used singles.

This first half wove very quickly, done in 2 days, while I was watching a bit of evening Olympics.

The eyes and mouth are always my biggest challenge, so weaving the face with singles was helpful.

The hat! I knew I would add some 3-D buttons to the tapestry, so decided to add texture to the hat brim for balance. That seemed appropriate anyway, since I had also knit the hat quickly, with bulky yarn. So I used a bit of that same yarn for the hat brim, woven at 4epi.

Almost there! I do begin and end with a 1/2" hem, as well.

I had several small 'woven sketches, each about 4x4", that had not yet been blocked, so I blocked the 'selfie' tapestry and the other small tapestries all together in a 'Block(ing) Party.'

The finished tapestry. It is 8x10" and will be in the ATA exhibit in conjunction with Convergence in Reno, NV this coming summer. It is based on this selfie that I took the morning of the 2nd Women's March in January. I wore the hat and participated in both last year's and this year's Marches. I persisted.

In the meantime, I have entered the tapestry in an online competition of self portraits. If you'd like to help a tapestry win this competition (which is otherwise paintings) you can vote for this piece at this link:

Or, find another piece to vote for, or submit your own self portrait! (If you submit one, let me know, and I'll go vote for you!)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Sweetest Day....

I hope your day was the sweetest day possible!

Share Love every day, with everyone, in every way you can, and the Sweetest Day can be ours always.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

30 Faces, 30 Days

For the month of January, I have participated in a challenge from the Sktchy art app, to sketch 30 faces in 30 days. Each day, participating artists received an email with a tip from a mentor and a photo muse to sketch from (with an option to choose another image.) For the most part, I sketched the chosen images, as did most of the other artists. It was fascinating to see what different people did with the same face to sketch! It also was a challenge for me to see all the different media other sketchers used. I tend to reach for the same watercolors, colored pencils, and ink. But this month, I also used pastels, chalk, brush pens, and digital sketching tools. The last sketch I posted was a tiny tapestry.

It is a good thing for an artist to be challenged to do new things. Creating 'something new' is what making art is really all about, and challenging each other to do that in new ways is truly a growth experience.  

Doing this did pretty much use a month of my creative time and energy. Now I need to get myself back to using the skills I have found to do my own work. But, hey, thanks a whole lot, Sktchy!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Women's March 2018

Last Saturday was the 2nd Women's March in many places, including my small Colorado city. As with last year, it was estimated that about 2000 would show up, and the number of marchers were closer to 5,000! It was a beautiful day. My friend and I marched together with our husbands last year. Our husbands were unable to march this year, but my friend and I marched together again. As a pacifist, the one important issue to me in any election is intelligent gun control. That issue has become even more urgent to me, and to my friend, as she lost a son to gun violence in the past year.

As with last year, I posted a selfie in my pink knit March hat on Sktchy, and I was again sketched by some of the amazing artists there! In the image above, the first 8 (from the left, to right) sketches are from last year, and the last four were done this year. I normally hate pictures and images of myself, but these represent to me support for my beliefs, and for my determination to stand up to the violence and lack of intelligence in our country currently.

(A bit of a rant here:) I heard a newscaster interview a 'leader' last night after yet another school shooting. The interviewer asked what we can do to stop these events from happening. The 'leader' said, "We just don't know, but we will be looking into it." Why not look at every other country that does NOT have this problem? What DO they have? Intelligent gun control laws. What do they NOT have (besides almost monthly mass shootings?) An NRA that uses money to control the governing 'leaders.'

Just saying.

We have a Dream!