Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Looking Forward to A New Year....

Here are a couple more sketches I did through the holidays from #Sktchy photos. You can only see them on Sktchy if you have the  app, but I usually post them on Instagram, so don't post them all here.

I am not getting weaving time, as that really requires several uninterrupted hours to be satisfying (rather than frustrating) to me. But these little sketches (all about 5 x 6 inches) just take minutes here and there. So, by doing them, I feel like I am still keeping my creative brain fed, though on a bit of a diet!

This sketch (also from a Sktchy photo) was done this morning. It is on behalf of all the little girls who wanted to be Princess Leia, and as a tribute to the one who got to actually be her. May the Force be with you, Carrie Fisher.

Gus and I say Happy New Year to you all. May the Force be with all of us in the coming year.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Ho, ho, ho....

Like every other Ms. Claus, I have been doing holiday stuff: shopping, making, and performing holiday songs for various audiences. Busy, in other words. 

And a bit grumpy, I guess, too.

But one of the things that has kept me sane (or as sane as I get at this time of year) has been to sit down almost every evening for 20-30 minutes to do a little sketch in my sketchbook. They are not complex. They are not great ART. But they are pretty fun, and the practice helps dump my brain-busy-ness.
I have been sketching photos I get from the Sktchy app. People upload their photos there for artists to use. It has also become a lovely supportive community of artists who encourage each other. 

The sketches I've been doing the past week or so have mostly been holiday related.

Fun. I hope you have a practice that keeps you sane and enjoying the holidays, as well.
 Ho, ho, ho.