Thursday, November 9, 2017

When you ask for encouragement.....

I have been artistically discouraged, of late, even contemplating 'throwing in the towel.' But, having asked the Power that is in charge of such things for encouragement and direction, it has come in unexpected and delightful ways. First, from encouraging words from a respected tapestry peer (thank you again, Tommye,) and this morning from a really unexpected place! I joined Sktchy a year or so ago, not having much time to weave, but hoping to stay creative by sketching and sharing with the art community there. For the most part, I have shared just sketches, inspired by photos people post there for artists to use. But I have occasionally posted tapestries, as well, usually inspired by challenges the app posts.

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see my tapestry work as the feature of the day - on a sketching community! Needless to say, it made my day, and gave me a much needed moral boost! Thank you, #Sktchy! And thank you to the community of artists there who have supported and encouraged me so generously in all my creative attempts through the past year!

Monday, November 6, 2017


This is the completed 'Graffiti' tapestry. It is approximately 32"x24".  It seems appropriate that I post it today, a year after it began to create itself in my imagination. It feels like it sums up the past year perfectly for me. It has been a hard year.