Monday, July 13, 2015

This is my brain on art.....

I have not been being an artist, of late. An artist is a person who makes art. But, although life circumstances can keep me from creating, they cannot keep me from seeing and dreaming art.

There are days when I see art everywhere. I see my pets curled up on my bed and I think, "The Master's Bed," (but, eat your heart out, Mr. Wyeth, mine has two pets on it!) I see the light making beautiful shadows on my mother's face as she sleeps, and I want to capture them. I step outside each evening at sunset to see how the fading day is affecting Mt. Garfield, which is visible from my parents' place. I have snapped so many phone pictures of it now, I could create a small series of it, which is a very appealing dream!

Two of my grandchildren are coming in a couple of weeks for a week of 'Grandma Art Camp.' This was a plan made way back in the winter, and we are hoping nothing interferes with it. The hope/plan is to 'make things,' to go places and camp and set up our easels and paint, and especially to spend the time together creating memories. The two that are coming are cousins, not siblings, and both are very artistic already, at 9 years of age.

So this morning I awoke (next to Gus, who claimed my husband's warm pillows as soon as he had risen) determined to start thinking and gathering Art Camp curriculum and materials. I have been gathering 'stuff' and ideas for awhile, but I need to find where I put it all and begin to get things ready. Today I will take a bag of stuff with me to my parents' place, and maybe my mom, who was a teacher for many years, will be able to enjoy sorting and planning with me.

That is as far as my brain, even on art, can plan right now. One day at a time.

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