Friday, February 28, 2014

In Good Company...?

There is a storm a-brewin'! How do I know that? Well, my first indication was a blinding aura, followed by a raging migraine. My second indication was a look at the weather forecast, which is what I do now when I get a migraine. It almost always tells me of changing weather. Sigh.

During my time of trying to let my medication and Mozart make me feel better, I tried to capture the very strong aura I was having in my sketchbook. (The blue-ish areas are where I glued on bits of aluminum foil, because I couldn't think of another way to make it 'blindingly bright.' It didn't copy well.)

 Having shared my propensity for migraines with you before, and having some of you commiserate that you share the curse, I know that I am not alone. In fact, it seems that history has shown many artists have a problem with migraines. I think it shows in some of their art. Van Gogh, for instance: part of the reason he was hospitalized for 'insanity' was that he suffered from frequent and blinding headaches. I mean, just look at this self-portrait... this was clearly a man who knew what a migraine felt like!

And, though I don't think I have ever read that M C Escher had migraines, I truly suspect he did, don't you?

I found this site, talking a bit about artists and migraines.  And the New York Times even has a slideshow of 'migraine art' here. If you are a Pinterest user, there is a Board of migraine art here.

I am not sure all that information and art makes me feel better. But it is interesting, and I do not feel so isolated in my pain and nausea. 

Well, I am wrong! I, in fact, believe I DO feel better, (probably more dues to drugs and time, than to art and information) and maybe I can now get myself back to work.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Home.... and away....

I am home from spending some time with my parents in California, where it was sunshiny and warm. It turns out that it was also (and finally) sunshiny and warm here in Colorado while I was gone, and I returned home to find our over-long ground cover of snow all gone! Signs of spring are cropping up everywhere; my bulbs are up, though they are still just the leaves, with no blooms as yet. It won't be long, though! I am finally believing this loooooong hard winter will end, and spring will truly arrive again. Yes, I am quite ready to believe that!

While I was in California, my daughter-in-law and two of my grandchildren were in Florida at Disney World. While there, they found my tapestry! This is the tapestry commission I wove for the Disney Wilderness Lodge in 2000. I am thrilled to see it still hanging, and still looking great, 14 years later! I posted a bit more about the weaving of this tapestry here.

Yesterday I had to refill the house on groceries, and it was Monday (music practice day) so I got little else done. This morning, I did my taxes, as they are due to be at the accountant on Thursday. So now I have cleared my calendar so that I can get back into the studio for the rest of the week and weave! I will finish the small tapestry and post a photo by the end of the week (I promise) - because the actual tapestry itself is due by the end of the month! That kind of deadline works for me. Then back to the big loom. I have been missing my work and my studio. Seeing one of my tapestries in it's 'home' is a real motivator for me, too.

One of my friends said he was glad I was home so things could get 'back to normal.' I am a huge fan of 'normal,' wherever and whatever that may be.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life is what happens, when you'd rather be weaving.....

As you can see, I have not yet finished this small tapestry. Close, but not close enough! I have been needing to just 'react' to life lately, as I've not been in control enough to 'act' on the things I would like to act on; like finishing this and the "November" tapestry. (In fact, I have exactly 8 minutes to get this post done, before I need to move on to the next thing.) I did, however, want you to know that I am still here! And I have been, in spite of family events and health issues, doing a bit of sketching in the sketchbook, and practicing my guitar for a few minutes, at least, each day. These things help me to "Keep Calm and Carry On," as the Queen Mum would do.

When I uploaded some photos from my phone that I'd taken in my dead-camera time, I found these. This is my just-8 yr. old grandson, (he was still 7 when I took the photo) and the self portrait he did for school. It just blows me away that it looks so much like him, and that he even drew himself with his chin on his fist, which is how he most often sits. He is very nonchalant about his drawing ability.... he just sits down and does it, after all. He has even thrown away some of my favorites of his drawings, as he didn't like them anymore. But this one needs to be framed, in this grandmother's opinion! I love it.

Well, my eight minutes are just about up.  I will be away for awhile, visiting my parents. Have a lovely Valentine's Day with someone special, even if it is just yourself. I will have my sketchbook along for the trip, and will be Keeping Calm, and Carrying On.