Friday, August 10, 2018

A Very Busy Week!....

We've had a HOT and busy week, but I have managed to do a few creative things. For one: I finished filling my 17th sketchbook! It was a Stillman and Birn Alpha sketchbook, a brand I find that I truly love using! It takes pretty much any media I throw at it. And I love decorating the covers!

I begin and end all my sketchbook journals (such as this one) with a sketched 'selfie.' So this is the last sketch in this sketchbook. It is on the page across from the back endpaper, where I have tried out paints and markers and scribbled reluctant pens, so the page had smudges and splatters already on it.

My new sketch journal, which I began with this self sketch, is a Moleskine. I used to love Moleskine, but have not been real fond of them since they changed out their papermakers. The old paper, made in Italy (I believe) was lovely and creamy, with a sizing that just resisted water media, giving some unexpected, yet always lovely, results. The new paper (I believe it is now made in China) is thin and slightly tinted, and my ink bleeds through and water media must just be used in small bits, to avoid crumpling the page. There are a lot of pages in this sketchbook - so I am truly hoping I come to love it, or, if not love it, at least to form a working relationship with it. 

I still have a lovely larger Stillman and Birn sketchbook that I am filling with sketches inspired by photos shared for artists on the #Sktchy app. I did these two sketches this week because yesterday was International Cat Day. (Gus hopes you did not miss it!)

And I also have spent some time, a good bit of Studio Tuesday actually, in the studio at the loom. Here is an update photo of the progress I have made on this tapestry, which has a working title of "Duet."