Monday, September 24, 2018

The End and then the Beginning....

Even though every summer we intend to go camping at least once a month, the past few years, once in the entire season has been our 'norm.' This year, we went to the Echo Park Campground in Dinosaur National Monument for 2 nights, as the summer was ending, and fall was just ready to begin. It is not an easy place to get to, and it was hot and windy, but it is a beautiful place! I did a couple of sketchbook spreads while there.

My husband took some gorgeous night photos, with no city lights, in fact no lights at all but the light from a campfire below the trees, to block out sight of the Milky Way.

I am progressing slowly (at tapestry speed - 'Warp Speed' or slower, actually) on the "Duet" tapestry. I have a deadline set for it, but life seems to be telling me that I will not meet this personal goal. I'm not giving it up yet, though!

Above is a photo of how I sample yarn color blends, on a little Hockett loom, leaving yarn ends loose so I can easily identify the blends for repetition's sake.

This is where the tapestry is right now; not quite to the half-way point, with a lot of 'fiddley work' yet to come!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Things Happen....

Some things that happen, I record in my sketchbook. Harry Potter had a "20th birthday," and that seems like something that needs to be celebrated, at the very least by a sketch of this young "Gryffindor."

A R&B legend passed away, one who long ago demanded that women be treated with respect!

Summer is ending, along with the juicy Colorado peach season. Fall will bring in apples, pears, wine grapes, and seasonal-change migraines. But, like summer; these things will move on, as well.

And that is a Good Thing, in this world where daily news is rarely good anymore.

In spite of 'things happening,' I try to make it to the loom, at least several times a week. The "Duet" tapestry is progressing, not quickly, but at the speed a tapestry should progress. Loom time, and sketching time, help make the very stupid and unbelievable things that happen in the daily news fade into that space in oblivion where they belong. So, I will weave on.....!