Friday, February 28, 2014

In Good Company...?

There is a storm a-brewin'! How do I know that? Well, my first indication was a blinding aura, followed by a raging migraine. My second indication was a look at the weather forecast, which is what I do now when I get a migraine. It almost always tells me of changing weather. Sigh.

During my time of trying to let my medication and Mozart make me feel better, I tried to capture the very strong aura I was having in my sketchbook. (The blue-ish areas are where I glued on bits of aluminum foil, because I couldn't think of another way to make it 'blindingly bright.' It didn't copy well.)

 Having shared my propensity for migraines with you before, and having some of you commiserate that you share the curse, I know that I am not alone. In fact, it seems that history has shown many artists have a problem with migraines. I think it shows in some of their art. Van Gogh, for instance: part of the reason he was hospitalized for 'insanity' was that he suffered from frequent and blinding headaches. I mean, just look at this self-portrait... this was clearly a man who knew what a migraine felt like!

And, though I don't think I have ever read that M C Escher had migraines, I truly suspect he did, don't you?

I found this site, talking a bit about artists and migraines.  And the New York Times even has a slideshow of 'migraine art' here. If you are a Pinterest user, there is a Board of migraine art here.

I am not sure all that information and art makes me feel better. But it is interesting, and I do not feel so isolated in my pain and nausea. 

Well, I am wrong! I, in fact, believe I DO feel better, (probably more dues to drugs and time, than to art and information) and maybe I can now get myself back to work.


ringadal said...

I can very much sympathize with how you are feeling. I have a migraine today too. We have rain coming into tomorrow or Monday and the temps have gone from the teens to the low 50's today. I am sure the weather change has something to do with my headache. Our woes continue on the water front. I have not tried to move my loom yet. Thank you for the suggestions. Both flooring contractors said they could work around it if I could get everything else out, which I can.


K Spoering said...

Susan, I hope your weather front passed , and took your migraine with it, like ours did for me. I'm glad you won't need to move your loom. Maybe that will save you another headache! It seems my headaches are worst as seasons change, but it is looking like spring will ease itself in, here in Colorado. It has come in like a slightly soggy lamb, not a raging lion. Of course, it is our most changeable month, but I can take it if lovely spring will be the final result.

Mary said...

I used to suffer regularly from migraines but they lessened with menopause - well, the painful ones did. I still get the auras and a slight feeling of being off-colour. I used to get them before thunderstorms (among other things) and apparently it is due to a change in the ions in the air - not that that helped with the pain and nausea. I hope you get to grow out of them as I have done - they don't go away but they change.
I really don't want to look at all the migraine sites, it makes me feel a bit ill.