Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life is what happens, when you'd rather be weaving.....

As you can see, I have not yet finished this small tapestry. Close, but not close enough! I have been needing to just 'react' to life lately, as I've not been in control enough to 'act' on the things I would like to act on; like finishing this and the "November" tapestry. (In fact, I have exactly 8 minutes to get this post done, before I need to move on to the next thing.) I did, however, want you to know that I am still here! And I have been, in spite of family events and health issues, doing a bit of sketching in the sketchbook, and practicing my guitar for a few minutes, at least, each day. These things help me to "Keep Calm and Carry On," as the Queen Mum would do.

When I uploaded some photos from my phone that I'd taken in my dead-camera time, I found these. This is my just-8 yr. old grandson, (he was still 7 when I took the photo) and the self portrait he did for school. It just blows me away that it looks so much like him, and that he even drew himself with his chin on his fist, which is how he most often sits. He is very nonchalant about his drawing ability.... he just sits down and does it, after all. He has even thrown away some of my favorites of his drawings, as he didn't like them anymore. But this one needs to be framed, in this grandmother's opinion! I love it.

Well, my eight minutes are just about up.  I will be away for awhile, visiting my parents. Have a lovely Valentine's Day with someone special, even if it is just yourself. I will have my sketchbook along for the trip, and will be Keeping Calm, and Carrying On.

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Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Beautiful self portrait by your grandson! Yes, keeping on keeping on can be a challenge. I know you'll back to the tapestry work soon. Happy late winter to you and belated happy Valentine's Day!