Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Begin again, already!

The hardest part of anything for me is just beginning; just getting in there and starting again. I had a hard time getting back to the loom yesterday. I finally DID get in there, though. Yea, me! It truly was a triumph, as I really wanted to sit and read, or just take the day off and do nothing.

I tell students that every time you stop, whether it's for the day, for a week or more, or just for a cup of tea, you will have to begin again, and beginning is the biggest challenge to any creative project. So much so that never beginning is what keeps a lot of otherwise creative people from ever accomplishing anything.

I always try to stop in a place that I will want to come back to: not at a problem area in the weaving, but at a place where I know what I'll do next or at an area that I'm anxious to see how it will look. That makes beginning again easier.
So, horray for me! I began again yesterday, and today it should be a lot easier. Then why am I sitting at the computer, procrastinating? Begin again, already!

"Sometimes the best preparation is the simple act of beginning - and worrying about the consequences later.... I guess that's the real secret to creative preparation. If you're at a dead end, take a deep breath, stamp your foot, and shout "Begin!" You never know where it will take you." Twyla Tharpe, choreographer

Here I go: breathing, stamping, and shouting...


Barb said...

Begin Again Already!
As an aging artist/weaver, with several schools and many masters workshops behind me, this is the best advice I've ever heard. Thanks for giving me the incentive
to break a long period of procrastination. Your words/& Tharpes have become my new motto in life.

K Spoering said...

Thanks, Barb. I hope it helps. I need daily reminders myself! (hence the mug)