Monday, March 30, 2009

Pride goeth before a (snow)fall...

... So I had to brag about coming home from winter on the eastern slope of the Rockies to spring here on the western slope! Today we woke up to snow here, though our snow IS a lot less impressive than Denver snow. Still, it will probably be enough to freeze the apricots that were in bloom. My already-for-spring-riding bike isn't so tempting this morning. It went from 65º here yesterday afternoon to below 30ºin a few very windy hours, giving me one of those horrid pressure-change headaches.

Still, I stayed up and watched the first installment of Dicken's "Little Dorrit" on Masterpiece Theatre. It was so good that I had a hard time keeping up with my knitting; I should've been working on something other than lace! Though it's not a difficult lace pattern, and was perfect airplane knitting, the Lace Ribbon scarf I am doing requires more attention than, say, mistake rib (which is my current favorite no-attention-required stitch) would require.

This is a scarf I recently finished in mistake rib (which is just K2, P2, repeat, on every row on an odd number of stitches). The scarf is done in a worsted weight handspun alpaca that was a Christmas gift from a friend. The mistake rib makes it cushy, almost squishy, in texture. I can't keep from handling it!

The "Lace Ribbon" scarf I am doing (above) is of a finer handspun alpaca that I bought at a Wool Festival more than 15 years ago. (It will look more 'lacy' after blocking.) I am wanting to use up stuff from my stash. Not just yarn, but Everything! I open closet doors and see fabric or pretty papers that I have been storing, and I think 'what can I do with that right now?' But... I have ordered more tapestry yarn, and on the trip to Boston I went to Utrecht and bought more paint, so my stash is not diminishing, in spite of the two knit scarves.

Today, I need to do laundry and vacuum up doghair, but I will also finish warping the loom for the January tapestry. I need to have something on the loom. Otherwise, though I have a lot to do, I feel purpose-less.

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Jennifer said...

I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. I've enjoyed your tapestries and your process so much I wanted to send others your way!