Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Help Save the Arts!

If you have ever participated in an art or music program in school, or have children or grandchildren who are in school, please take a short couple of minutes to go to this site and ask your congressmen to vote AGAINST the extreme cuts that will destroy these programs.

The arts provide a new way of thinking and coping with the world. It has been proven to be as valuable a tool in education as mathematics and reading are, as it provides access to different brain functions that are necessary to make a person complete. Those who are educated in the Arts are found to be more successful in all arenas of life.

To destroy that hope for the education of America's children is not the responsible thing for US leaders to do. I sincerely hope you will urge them to not go in that direction.


Theresa said...

Amen! I enjoyed both music and art programs all through school and can't imagine what a bleak place school would be without these creative outlets. Problem solving, math and a host of other important life and educational skills are all present in the arts. Consider the word sent out from here to our leaders, of both flavors. ;)

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Thanks for posting this at the tapestry list. I did send a comment to my representatives and senator through the link--was quite efficient to do it that way.

Sue Schwarz said...

Sorry about the Arts link....I would rather someone investigated to see how My Mother, in the 1920's and in West Virginia, and me in the 1950's in rural Maryland, managed to have such a fine experience in art in music in school and community, way before NEA and all the expensive school budgets we now seem to need.

K Spoering said...

I know what you mean, Sue. But I think it was a very different world then, unfortunately for today's kids. They have many advantages we didn't have, but many distractions and disadvantages, as well.