Friday, June 10, 2011


For the past few weeks I have traveled, I have had many guests, and I have been sick. Lots of LIFE has happened. Lots of weaving has not happened. In fact, I covered my tapestry in progress with a cloth, to protect it from the dust/wind storms we have been having. It has seemed that Utah is trying to blow it's plentiful overstock of dust over the state line to us, and I would just like to point out to them that we do have plenty of the stuff of our own! After two weeks of house guests and a week of illness, compounded by several days of 50-60 mph winds containing gritty Utah dust, my house looks like Miss Havisham lives here (complete with dead flowers in the vases that I have not had the energy to replace.) But my tapestry has remained blissfully unaware and dust-free, resting in it's dark retreat from all the wild activity, dust, and illness.

Today I will de-veil her. I will wake her up. I will actually weave! I have a few weeks ahead of me before I pack bags and head off for a family reunion of my side of the family. (The one here last weekend was my husband's family, and it included all of our grandchildren! Great joy! And chaos. And lots of food...) In that few weeks, I hope to accomplish a great deal. Weaving this tapestry is Number One on my Get-It-Done-List, as I'd like to begin the Nativity tapestries as soon as I can. So, Number Two on The List is to order yarns for those pieces. And right up at the top, I also have some much needed marketing planning that I will disclose as it takes place.

But for today, as I rehydrate myself and shuffle through the dust in the rest of the house, I will be content to sit at the loom and reacquaint myself with this weaving I have begun.

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Sue said...

glad to see you back and hope you are feeling better. Every time I see this photo of the tapestry that was stolen, my heart bleeds. So sad to have lost such a magnificent piece of work.