Saturday, July 9, 2011

The bear went over the mountain...

We went back up to our cabin yesterday for a quick overnight. We had gone up to mow around it to keep fire hazard etc. down, last weekend, but the cabin mower gave out, so we had to take another up this weekend so my husband could finish the annual chore.
As we pulled in, we saw a bear in our drive, finishing off the sunflower seeds from the birdfeeder. He had taken it down, and had also taken down the hummingbird feeder and had emptied it, as well. So I guess we'll have to quit leaving them out when we aren't there. Oddly, he had managed to get the hummingbird feeder off the cabin deck area where it hangs, and somehow unscrew the bottom off it, without breaking it. He had made it a filthy mess, though, so we had to do some serious cleaning before we filled it for the hummers.

He (the bear) had obviously been around awhile, because these bear scratches were in the aspen trees last weekend. He (or she?) may also be the same bear that emptied our seed feeder last summer, and left a few messes around the cabin.

He came back several more times over the time we were there. At one point, he and Booker seemed to sight each other at either end of the drive, because both turned around and headed the opposite direction, with my husband finding himself facing the bear, and with me wondering why Booker was hurrying so fast in my direction!

The lake is still full, which is really rare for this late in the season. The runoff from the snow feeds this lake, and the lake feeds irrigation systems and other water needs in our valley. Usually by this time, it is down quite a bit.

This little fawn had a staring contest with Booker, too. Fortunately, Booker was inside the cabin looking out through the window. We never saw the mother, but I'm hoping she was somewhere nearby.

And, of course, we hosted our summer hummer visitors, though I felt bad when I emptied their feeder before we left. It should be a good year for the bear in spite of my lack of generosity. The choke cherry bushes are loaded, and other berries are beginning to fill the trees and shrubs. I don't want him to hurt himself trying to get sugar water from our feeder, or to decide to hang out on our deck!


Theresa said...

Well, after our run in with the bear last year, tearing part of our barn to pieces to get to grain, I'm thinking I wouldn't even put seed and feed out when I'm there! :)
Lovely pictures, who wouldn't enjoy those watching those fawns. It's fun when they get a little older and the moms travel in small groups. The babies have a grand time playing and we get such a delightful show.

Mary said...

It is amazing to see a bear in your yard, as well as deer. I have just been on a tapestry oriented tour to London and France and one of the things I most noticed was the bird song - it was so different from here. The swallows were abundant too, not something I have seen here, we only get the occasional swallow flying around. The long day took some getting used to also, it was light till 10.30, much later than I am used to.