Friday, December 16, 2011

'Slower than molasses in winter....'

(Now that I am a grandmother myself, I guess I feel quite comfortable using those old sayings I remember my grandmother using!)
Anyway, that is how this tapestry is going... slowly, slowly; like molasses in winter.

It feels quite right for me to be weaving 'mother and child' during this celebration season.The actual tapestry is a bit different than this photo of the maquette, but close enough that you can tell where I am. Still not too far along, I am about 3-4 inches up the tapestry body. I'm weaving fabric, in several meanings of the term. I always like weaving a tapestry of 'fabric.' It seems somehow fitting. Fabric about fabric.

This is the geranium that refused to bloom all summer long on my porch. Now that it is inside, it is blooming a bouquet all the time! It is in a south window, with bright light filtered through the lace curtain, near the warm radiator, and in the room with a humidifier running all the time (for my guitar), so no wonder it's happy! A bit of bright winter cheer each morning. I wish the same for you... bright winter cheer each day!

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