Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome Spring!

At the grocery store the other day, they offered four bunches of daffodil buds for $5.00. Who could resist that, after a long cold winter?  Though none were open yet, I had faith that they would open for me, and would fill my house with sunshine! And they have done just that.

There were from 10-12 flowers in each bunch, so I came home with about 40 or more flowers. I gave one bunch to the neighbors, so there are still about 30 in my bunch. I want to paint them, in spite of the fact that my watercolor teacher once said not to ever try to paint yellow flowers. Looking at all this brightness, I can see why she said that; how can one capture this sunshine in paint?

I did paint daffodils once before , in a small oil painting. I remember that it was a challenge to capture the yellow. But I am silly enough to want to try it again. In celebration of spring, I have added a print of the daffodil painting above to my Etsy shop.


Mary said...

The daffodils are fabulous. As is your painting. I have two reminisces about this post:
I was a primary teacher and we were learning about flowers. So I went to the florist and bought a bunch of daffodils for the children to pull apart and really look at. That is the first time I knew I am allergic to pollen! I had to stay on the other side of the room while the children worked. I have never been able to be in the same room with daffodils again.
The other story is from school also. I used to work with an English lady and she lamented how spring comes to our part of Australia - it creeps up on you. We do not have deciduous trees all around, so winter doesn't get so colourless. And the new leaves on the eucalypts are often pink, not a new green. She really missed the bursting into colour that spring, especially daffodils, did in England. (Please excuse the weird English there, I couldn't think how else to express it.)

K Spoering said...

I have quite a few allergies as well, but either daffodils are not one of them, or my antihistamine has been doing it's work! They are still blooming beautifully in the living room.

Spring creeps up on us here, as well. We thought it was here, then this weekend, winter decided to return to Colorado. It will be back, though!

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

A lovely reminder that spring will come! I love daffodils and your painting too :-)