Friday, April 19, 2013

From today's sketchbook....

Once again, as a nation we are weeping. My son and his family are locked in their home, a short distance from where police and military tanks are searching for a young man who has caused grief and terror. I do weep, do you? 

I weep because my grandchildren have never known what it is to live in a safe society. They have never been allowed to run the streets freely in play, like I did as a child. And now they are told to not even leave their homes, because it is not safe today.

I weep because two young men who seemed to be full of potential for some reason found it easy to arm themselves and to wreak havoc at a social event, meant to celebrate life and patriotism. I weep for those young men. I weep for their family, and for their friends, and most of all, for their victims.

I weep because our leaders do not take our safety more seriously than they take their campaign funding efforts. I weep because they seem to have lost the capacity to care, to weep with us. And I weep because I do not want us to become that numb, to stop caring, to stop trying to make it a better world and country. I weep because tomorrow we might all stop weeping and life will go on as usual, until the next tragedy makes those of us who still can, weep again.

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