Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Studio Tuesday progress...

Yesterday was my studio work day. My husband was off for the day and I had a make-up guitar lesson, but in spite of those interruptions/distractions, I got some painting framing done and some weaving on the April tapestry. I'm now working on the blackbird and the woman's face, and those areas will go a bit more slowly than what has been done so far.

Like a lot of the rest of the country, we've been having our monsoon season. That doesn't always even register on our radar, as it constitutes a few afternoon showers that barely wet the dry ground. And, moisture-wise, it's not been much more than that this year either, except for a couple of nice real rains in the night. However, it has 'threatened' to rain almost every day for the past week and a half. And Booker does not like the threat of rain. He hears distant thunder, and I think he can smell the ozone. So he wants to be as close to someone as possible. He is not really allowed in the studio. I have an old leather suitcase 'blocking' the door to remind him of this prohibition. Of course, he can jump right over the suitcase, and when he hears thunder, that's just what he does. But until the lightening actually threatens to take him out, he just stands there, pleading with his eyes for me to come out and cuddle on the basement sofa with him until the threat of storm passes. (That is the only sofa he is allowed on, though he would truly like to be a lap dog.)

What the constant threat of rain does to me, is to give me a migraine. I swear I had ONE migraine from Sunday afternoon of the past week, all the way through this Monday! That's an 8-day migraine. I did see a new aura almost daily, though, so I suppose it was really a cluster of migraines, even though one didn't ever completely leave before the other set in. Booker and I agree that we have had enough monsoon season here... especially since we've barely had any rain from it.

Today, I will work some more in the studio. So far, the sky is a bright clear blue, and my head is nearly as clear! Maybe there will be no thunder to threaten Booker, and no pressure changes to cause my head to hurt. It looks like it will be a good day here in sunny Colorado!

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