Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Studio Tuesday!

I am home again for a short bit, and I got to spend today in the studio, at the loom! Yea! The 'April' tapestry is growing, though not as rapidly as I had hoped it would. I have a number of 'irons in the fire' right now, but I am still hoping to get this tapestry completed in the next few weeks. There really is not far to go on it!

I have also been knitting washcloths. I know; you can buy washcloths pretty cheaply. But I have been on a washcloth-knitting-binge lately. The reasons are several: 1. I haven't had the time or attention span to get involved in a larger knitting project, 2.  the tiny bits of time I've had to knit (mostly on the train going to and coming home from visiting my parents in California) have been perfect for these small portable projects,  3. I really enjoy trying out new stitch patterns on these tiny projects, and finally 4. I love using handknit washcloths! So I have quite a stack of cloths of all sizes and colors. Many of the patterns were found on Pinterest, with a few contributions from friends, as well. If you are on my gift list, expect a washcloth (or two) from me!

Here are a few that I found fun to make: 
http://www.simplynotable.com/2013/the-almost-lost-washcloth-pattern/   (though the resulting cloth is small, and I want to figure out how to make it larger.)

Back to the loom, as the day has at least another hour of weaving time in it! That makes me happy.

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Janette Meetze said...

The tapestry is looking great Kathy and almost finished!

Those knitted wash cloths are the best!