Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shelving another year...

I have been keeping a sketchbook for the past several years, and I did the last page in this year's book today. I have used Moleskine's 5x8 sketchbook for the past 3 years, and I have loved it, but have discovered that it has changed. It is now being manufactured in China instead of in Italy, and, though the price has not been lowered any and has in fact been raised, the paper is not the thick creamy paper of the past Moleskines. I went ahead and purchased one for 2015, but if I do not like it, I will get something else. I hate it when things I love change for the worse!

I have shared pages from this year's sketchbook several times throughout the year, but here are a few more. The more personal ones, I'm not sharing. I do not have a 'personal style' I guess. I just sketch what I am wanting to sketch at the time; usually something to do with my life and what is going on.

I have begun and ended each of the past few sketchbooks with a self-sketch, so here is the one I did today. I am somewhat tired, and am not 'fixed up' in any way, but, as this is how I often look, I guess it is appropriate. Sadly, I do think I look at least a year older than I did in the sketch in the front of the book. That's the way it goes!

Tonight, I will shelve this sketchbook with the ones from the past few years. Tomorrow, I will start the new sketchbook, as I start a new year. 2015! I hope it is a good year for us all. As Tiny Tim would say, 'May God bless us, every one!'

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Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Thanks so much for sharing from your year's sketchbook! I always love seeing your work, whether drawn, painted or woven. You're an inspirational artist. Happy New Year and many more to you!