Wednesday, February 25, 2015

December, coming soon (I hope)

Yesterday was another 'Studio Tuesday' when I didn't even step foot into my studio. But I did get my 2014 taxes done, and that counts for something!

I have also been working out a design for the final Calendar Series tapestry, which will be for the month of December.

These are some of the images I considered, but none of them made it to the 'final choice' stage.

They are all pretty good images for December, but each, for one reason or another, left me dissatisfied.

None say "December" to me, though all are images I collected in the month of December.

These images are from photos; most from more than one merged image. So they might look a bit choppy here or there.

And, though I will not be weaving any of these for this series, there are several here that I love, and may end up painting at some point.

I hope, when I do 'reveal' the final design choice, it will not be a total disappointment to too many. I just have to go with what excites me, as I'll be spending the loom time creating it. Also, I wanted an image that would fill out and complete the series as a whole and would not feel repetitive.

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Therese said...

I like the quality of the light in the one with all the trees. Also, the people, centered near the light source, could look festive or celebratory. I'm picturing a darker sky, too. There is just something about it that says winter comfort and celebration! Or could say so with some tinkering.