Tuesday, March 8, 2016

O'Brien, in all her chickin pickin glory!

Here she is: O'Brien! She is woven, blocked, lined, and tagged.... everything but wrapped and packed and shipped, which I will do tomorrow. She will then fly her way on her little woven chicken wings to the ATA small tapestry exhibit in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, where I am sure she will be admired by many for the lovely chick she is!

As this is a small tapestry exhibit, with a maximum size limit of 10x10 inches, O'Brien is just 8 inches wide by 10 inches tall. About life sized, actually. I loved weaving all the little bits of color in her feathers! Tiny, tiny threads made up each bit. Many tiny, tiny threads! She was woven sideways, as I just don't think she could have been woven from the bottom up! Lovely fun I have had with Miss O'Brien in our time together. She'll be gone quite awhile, and I will miss her stern eye on me as I weave.

And now, I must get back to the December tapestry on the big loom.


Laurie said...

Gorgeous! Those feathers!!!

Molly Elkind said...

It's wonderful! You truly captured the lovely flecks of color in a chicken's feathers. I just cut off my small format piece yesterday and the finishing work remains to be done. I envy you being all ready to ship! Thanks for sharing your journey with this piece.

Michele Dixon said...

Love this piece. I'm in awe of all the tiny bits of color in this. I'm not sure I'd know how to do that. I do need to learn though.

I sent a piece too, but nothing like this.

jeanne bee. said...


Rebecca Mezoff said...

I love her! She made me smile so much. What a marvelous tapestry. I do wish I could see the Milwaukee show. What fun she will be playing with all the other tapestries.