Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Still on the Loom....

I had hoped to have this tapestry off the loom by the end of November, but, as you can see, it is not going to happen. Life just keeps on happening, in spite of my work goals. I am closer to the end than I was, though, so I am not discouraged. The end will come...

One of the 'other' things I have done has been to warp up my four-harness floor loom and weave a couple of much needed rag rugs for my kitchen. I've never woven rag rugs before, but I have a stack of old T-shirts, so decided to use them in this way. I love these rugs! The T-shirts make perfect rags: I sit and cut them into looooong strips, starting at the bottom hem, and cutting around the shirt. By the time I'm up to the sleeves, I have a nice ball of 'yarn' to weave with. I stitch ends together as I weave, though I know I could probably get by without doing that. Cutting the T-shirts and weaving these rugs are fantastic things to do if I'm in the mood to watch something on TV, as my floor loom is in the basement family TV room. And rag rugs weave up so fast! (Says the tapestry weaver.) Who knew?

Gus is quite impressed! My remaining stack of T-shirts looks dominantly white, so some dying may be another project. I did use one tie-dyed shirt in these rugs, and love the effect. I also have a lot of rag wool, so may be weaving other rugs when I get the 'Duet' tapestry completed.

In other 'news:' The "Graffiti" tapestry will be included in the Fiberart International 2019 exhibit in Pittsburgh, May-August of 2019. I am very excited for this piece to have been invited to be in this exhibit!

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