Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Week and a Day....

I am still doing a daily 'advent sketch,' based on what is in the little window of the beautiful advent calendar my daughter-in-law gave me. 

Day 9, running horses

On the 10th day, there is a man with a tree in the calendar window. My sons' families had just gotten their trees, so the little red car is my daughter-in-law's car (not the calendar giver, but my other wonderful daughter-in-law; I am lucky to have two!) We had also just put our tree up, much to Gus's fascination and delight. He is determined to climb it to the top this year, but we have stopped his pursuit of the star, so far anyway.

The little wren was in the 11th day window. This little girl (a photo inspiration from #Sktchy) felt like a perfect friend for him. And one of my favorite carols is by Christine Rossetti, "In the Bleak Mid-Winter," though nobody will do the song with me. They think it is too bleak.

The owl in flight inspired this on Day 12

There was a cute bunny on the calendar on Day 13. It was such a busy day for me though, that I just had time for little sketches to represent my day.

A star to represent Day 14 brought to mind this carol. Carols and holiday songs have been floating through my head all week, as my music partner and I went to several assisted living places this, and last, week to share holiday songs with the wonderful folks who live there. This is something we are blessed to do every month, and January will begin our fourth year to do this. 

Today's little window opened to reveal the little hedgehog (on the right.) I had just run across the quote by Beatrix Potter earlier in the week, so I put it and the lovely Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle in my sketch this morning. I have her baking, because this is the day I will make fruit cakes for my father-in-law.

My life is so busy right now, with holiday and parent and company needs. And I should be weaving! But I have to admit that doing these little 'advent sketches' have made me enjoy the holiday much more than I usually do! I love seeing what is in the calendar window each morning, then thinking how I will incorporate it into a sketch while I eat breakfast and sip my coffee. The sketches themselves are all pretty simple and quick - a half-hour passes quickly as I sketch and sip a second cup of coffee. These are mostly done in ink first, then a little watercolor, and gouache (for snow) or colored pens or pencils if a bit more detail is needed. Fun, indeed! And more windows yet to open.......

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