Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Filling the Sketchbook....

I am still working to fill the #SketchbookProject sketchbook. I am generally resorting to colored pencils now, as the paper is not wet-media friendly. The theme of the book is Color, so it is taking some doing to get the bright colors I want with colored pencils. I am discovering a lot about this medium, though, as I didn't use it much in the past for complete sketches.

Many of my sketches are inspired by colorful people and situations, shared in photos on the #Sktchy app. This one, though, is my cat, Gus. Also, I did it in ink (brush pen) and colored pencil on a separate piece of toned paper, and glued it in. I just needed to do something a bit easier and quicker on that day.

This was also done on separate paper, so I could have a loose watercolor background.

I still have four 'Color' sketches yet to do, then I will do some collage work and text on the facing pages. I have a couple more weeks before it needs to be completed, so, barring life interferences, I should get it done and sent in on time!

"The Duet" tapestry is off the loom, and just needs the lining put on to be ready to exhibit. I have been getting several tapestries ready and entered into exhibits, and I will keep you notified where to see them, when the time comes!

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