Monday, October 5, 2020

Come to the High Country with me!

The road to our cabin, the red is scrub oak


These red trees are a stand of aspen that are always red!

Today's watercolor sketch in my sketchbook

I have sketched the scrub oak and aspen leaves from around our cabin every fall for the last 8 years, at least. Before that, I used to bring home pockets full of them, and hang them on the refrigerator until they dried up and fell off. Sketches are better - they last longer! 

Fall is my favorite time of year. The colorful leaves excite me far more than spring blooms do, and I have felt that way all my life.

In addition to the sketches, I have woven fall leaves a number of times over the years, and here are a few of the Autumn tapestries.

Aspen Autumn (1996, 48x34")

FALL/ don't fall! (1998,  21x34")

October  (2013,  18x18")


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