Saturday, August 11, 2007

One down, four to go!

I finished weaving one of the boats in the skiff tapestry today. There are two more mostly done - I hope to finish them off in the next day or so. Then there are two more not even begun. I have about 10-12" yet to weave to finish this tapestry before I can cut it off. I hope to get it done by the end of next week - or middle of the following week, at the latest. Which means I'll not be doing much BUT weaving! Which is OK. I've missed my loom time, and it feels good to be at work again.

I'm showing you the finished boat as I see it. I haven't seen the whole boat yet. I won't see it all as one complete image until I cut the finished tapestry from the loom. As I weave, I wind the woven part of the tapestry around the lower beam of the loom when enough is woven, so that I'll have access to the unwoven warp. I can only see about 10" of length (bottom to top) of the woven tapestry at a time. On this tapestry, that is about a third of the total piece. So, above is a photo I took several weeks ago of the lower part of the boat. And here's a picture I took of what I can see today. I guess I could try to piece the photos together to see a complete image of the boat, but that feels like cheating. Or like technology is stealing the surprise; like when you find out the sex of a baby before it's born. It would be convenient, but would it necessarily be accurate? I wouldn't really know until the cutting off. So we'll just wait until then, like I always do.

This boat is along the right edge of the tapestry, and the color in the photo I took of the bottom part is more accurate, color-wise. I took today's photo this evening, in artificial light.

AHA! Now I have a little boat to float upon tonight's river of dreams!

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