Monday, August 20, 2007

Two more... and no workman's comp!

The final two boats are woven. I now just have to fill in the 'water' areas to have this tapestry completed. I am planning a cutting off for Wednesday afternoon. I'll try to post pictures of it, and the completed tapestry, by Thursday.

In weaving this to completion, I have been weaving 8+ hours a day, at least 5 days a week. There have been consequences of such physical folly. I have had to bandage the cuticles of a number of my fingers, as the warp threads have been ravaging them, and I don't want to bleed on the tapestry. I've discovered that 1 flexible 'finger' bandaid can be cut into three lengths to quite nicely bandage 3 fingers, without too much bulk! Thought I'd pass that brilliant tidbit on to those of you who are as silly as I seem to be.

I also have the regular body aches that come from sitting in one position too long, though I do get up and stretch regularly, so it's not too bad. It could be worse. My mother-in-law was a seamstress, not a weaver. But she went to the doctor once for low back pain and he diagnosed it as 'weaver's bottom.' I'm happy to report that I don't yet have to admit to that malady!

As the end of this tapestry is in site, I am becoming quite excited to see it done. I am also looking forward with anticipation to the next tapestry - that helps me deal with the 'cutting off blues' that seem to always come with the end of a time-consuming creative project. But, as Scarlet would say, I'll think about all that tomorrow. It's after 9:00 p.m. here, and I've just finished my day's work. Must do up some kitchen work (as those house-fairies just refuse to show up), then take my sore fingers and weaver's bottom to bed. Tomorrow is another day - with at least another 5-6 hours of studio work.

p.s. Must admit that the house fairies DID show up to clean my kitchen while I was posting last night - in the form of my wonderful husband! What a delight to go down into a clean kitchen - pots and pans and all. Smootches to you, my dearest man!

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Debbie Herd said...

Congratulations Kathy it is a good feeling to see the end in sight! I can so relate to those aches and pains. I think that yoga has saved my body. I am looking forward to seeing the completed tapestry. Debbie.