Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Girl!

My educational background is in behavioral psychology. While it's been a long time since I have 'worked in the field,' I try to remember that 'the field' really is everywhere, everyday. We have trained our dogs, with varying degrees of success, using praise as a reward. And I tried to remember that praise is a stronger motivator than punishment when my children were growing up. But I don't often remember to praise myself. Today I am feeling that I deserve a big "Good Girl!"

I am just home from being with my New England son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids, and got to see the Colorado son and grandkids for a short few hours on the way.

Sometimes I feel like I do very little of any real value with my life and my time, but I have raised two sons who are wonderful fathers, and who were smart enough to choose wives who are wonderful mothers. I know my husband was also a factor in this, as I see my little grandsons (both two years old) attempting to be like their daddies, and my sons had a terrific Daddy to imitate. A lot of work and time goes into raising children, and I often do not give myself credit for successfully accomplishing this great task. So, Good Girl! You should be proud of yourself! (And I confess that I really am.)

Oh, and a p.s.: I learned on returning home that my Fall tapestry, "The Gift", was awarded the American Tapestry Alliance Award for Excellence in Tapestry in the Living With Beauty exhibit in Manitou Springs. Again I say, Good Girl!


tapestry13 said...

Hey there, Kathy!
Congratulations on all fronts...wonderful kids and grandkids. AND, the ATA Award! Hooray all around.

Anonymous said...


For kids, grandkids and your tapestry skills.

Well done!

sandra said...

'Good Girl'. I agree whole-heartily Kathy. There is no greater joy in seeing your kids be good parents.And well-done on the tapestry, how wonderful.