Saturday, June 7, 2008

When Roses Speak...

When the Roses Speak, I Pay Attention
“As long as we are able to
be extravagant we will be
hugely and damply
extravagant. Then we will drop
foil by foil to the ground. This
is our unalterable task, and we do it

And they went on. “Listen,
the heart-shackles are not, as you think,
death, illness, pain,
unrequited hope, not loneliness, but
lassitude, rue, vainglory, fear, anxiety,

Their fragrance all the while rising
from their blind bodies, making me
spin with joy.

Mary Oliver

I guess I should learn from the roses, who do not question what their 'unalterable task' is. It seems that mine is to weave tapestries, though, for the life of me, I do not know why! I just know that no matter what happens in my life, I am driven back to the loom... to heal, to order the chaos, to fulfill the creative urge.... to do what I seem to be here to do. What an odd 'purpose'! But I have been weaving... not an exciting piece, but a restorative peace. I wove an inch yesterday, and am creeping up on an inch today. If I keep this up, I'll have something to show that might make more sense before too long!


Anonymous said...

June 7th 08 3:46pm

HOWDJU get that loom warped so fast when you were not feeling well?????...from Janet on the 98 degree East Coast

K Spoering said...

Actually, Janet, I had it warped before I felt bad. This is the end of a warp I had on before - or half of it. This piece will not be very large - about 18"x18".

Miss said...

Whatever the reason you weave these tapestries, carry on. They are a real pleasure to see