Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's that time of year!!!!

In the spring of the year, for my birthday, we usually take a small trip. It is one of the times I love to go somewhere and gather new images, see new things, and generally be a tourist.

On these trips, as well as on the trips I take every few years with my artist friends, I like to take a sketchbook, and put it together as a journal of my trip.

I have now put together a number of these little books. They contain my small sketches, some photos, and a lot of 'stuff' that I gather and accumulate on the trip.

The 'stuff' ranges from bits cut from magazines or brochures from the area, to maps, to little bags of beach sand, to gathered leaves.

My sketchbook journals have documented trips to Alaska, Washington state, Maine, Utah, New Mexico, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Quebec, and a number of areas in Colorado.

I tell you this, because today I went out and bought a new little journal for a trip we will be taking in a few days. Thursday, we are taking the train to Chicago. We'll meet some friends there for the weekend, then will return home the next Thursday. I love traveling by train! We will have 24 hours (more or less, as time does not really exist on a train trip) on the train, both going and coming. That time is wonderful sketch and relax time. So.... I must stop sitting at this computer now, pack our bags, and ready the house for our friends who are coming to pet sit!

Next week, I will try to share a bit of my new travel journal with you. I am planning that it will be filled with all sorts of wonder and beauty... But that is what I always plan when I open a pristine new travel sketchbook.


Theresa said...

Perfect! I love train travel too. Took Amtrak a couple of times cross country to visit the folks. You're right about time.
Other than Boston, Chicago is in my top 5 cities to visit. Oh, the food, the art, the zoo! Have fun.

J. Austin - said...

Love trains, miss the Swiss trains we spent so much time on last fall. Your Sketchbook journals are delightful......I'm almost more interested in the sketchbook than the trip! But I can never do those things at home, because LIFE keeps intruding....still it's tempting to try.

Mary said...

I am trying to become a person who keeps a visual diary - this new phase in my life is quite different from my previous life. I love coming to your blog and seeing your inspirational work. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

What a fantastic idea! Now let me read on - I'm sure the new journal is already out there!