Monday, April 12, 2010

A very young artist...

I am home from a trip to take two of my grandchildren to see the movie, "How to Train Your Dragon." We saw it in 3-D and I highly recommend it; especially if you can go with a 4-year old boy. Watching his delight in the story, and his sister's as well, was a real perk!

When we got home from the theater, I asked Milo if he would draw me a dragon. I love to watch him draw. He is the most confident artist I have ever seen! He knows what he wants, and just 'does it.' This time, he was not happy with either his first or second starts in my sketchbook, so quickly flipped to a new page and started again.

(I added my sketches later.) Below is his final drawing for me. It includes all of the important details of the dragon, "Toothless." His sister chose to draw her version in chalk on the patio, so I couldn't bring it home. She also draws very well for her age, but doesn't have quite the confidence in her work that he has. I hope he never loses that!

Before I had gotten there, Milo had drawn a dinosaur in his little notebook to show me. I asked if I could take it home to put on the refrigerator. He said no, I could not. He said it was in his new notebook, which was 'precious' to him (yes, that was the word he used) so he didn't want to tear anything out of it. I told him I understood perfectly, as that was how I feel about my sketchbooks, too. So he let me take a picture of it to bring home. I love the alternating red and blue scales down the back! And the eye has such expression. He will start preschool next year. I hope nobody ever takes his confidence in his drawing away from him!

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Theresa said...

Well, I don't have a 4 year old to go with, but it's never stopped me before from enjoying the kids movies and since this IS a 3-D one, it won't do to wait for the DVD.
Fantastic pictures! Toothless huh, kind of like naming the big guy Tiny I guess.
I hope his confidence is nurtured too.