Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy and Me!

Actually, all of the above ARE me! My allergies are in full swing, and I have somehow pulled my back out of whack, so am trying to get non-back-related things done. And, can you tell me, dear friends, what on earth is 'non-back-related?' No garden work, or housework.... (FINALLY! an excuse, but, oh dear, couldn't there be a better, less uncomfortable one?) I pulled my back out once before. It was the most painful thing I can ever remember, and it lasted an entire summer. I am determined that this won't get that bad or hang on that long, which is why I'm 'being good.'

So, since I am wanting to re-do my garden this year but can't be out digging, I am doing it on paper first. The easy-on-the-back part of the job! Here is my little diagram of what is in my garden right now. I want to add some brick paths, remove some annoying roses, and maybe move some things that are getting too much shade right now. So I have out my garden books and am pouring over them for ideas. I am thinking of getting rid of most of the grass area. And there's an area by the rhubarb that used to be for tomatoes, but they are going in a spot Booker has helpfully dug up for me elsewhere this summer.

I also have been weaving in little stretches of time. And I painted an undercoat on a canvas and drew up a painting to do of one of my grand-daughters. I used pink to undercoat the canvas! I would never have even thought of using pink before this. I almost always use red or yellow, though I have used blue before. But this subject is very warm, and pink just seemed 'right' to soften it from below. We'll see if it works! Well, my too-busy-to-blog days are over before they even began, so here I am. Best laid plans, don't you know!

By the way, if you know how to get in touch with those 7 hard-working fellows with the silly names pictured above, I could use their help! Heigh-ho, indeed!


patunghujan a.k.a cik teruterubozu said...

i am browsing ur blog.it is nice too see ur works.
i am new learner of arts
actually i'm forced to study arts
i'm not a good artist
but i can draw better now
i love to see all ur works in this blog
good job

sue schwarz said...

so sorry you have 'springitis'. Does tend to go around this time of year. Hope you are feeling better and soon back up with your work-a-day life.

Jennifer said...

I hope your back is improving! It seems one never completely knows how important something is until it's injured! (You password is "candu" - thought it appropriate!)