Wednesday, July 21, 2010

...and a tiny bit of rain!


I really felt quite horrid yesterday, but didn't realize why until the wind roared to life and we had 5 minutes of wild rain. Ah, the front-passing-through-migraine! I never realize that's what it is until the front actually passes through, and I begin to feel a bit better. Slow on the uptake, I guess. It isn't fun being a living barometer.

So, in an attempt to do something in spite of how I felt, I did laundry and worked on this painting. It's 12 x 12". It's very busy and bright. Painting it was like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Not my favorite style to paint, but I may let it go at this. I'll let it dry, then will see how I feel about it. When you create something while you're not on top form, it's hard to know if you like it or not.

So... I lied to myself (and you all, too, I guess.) I said I would do no more apricots. But I can't stand to see the lovely things going to waste out there, so I'm doing another batch of jam this morning. We'll just have to eat a lot of apricot chicken this winter (expect some, if you come to visit.) Here is my invented easy recipe for apricot chicken:

Mix together equal parts apricot jam and your favorite salsa (amount depends on how many you are cooking for.) Spread generously over chicken breasts in an oven proof pan, and bake at about 350° until the chicken is done. Serve over rice. Simple, and yummy!

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Anonymous said...

I love the painting with the blue bike! It's vibrant and alive and could be a scene from any small town cafe. I really like following your blog and seeing so many amazing paintings and tapestries. Thank you. Megan