Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Calendar Series update, etc.....

Since I have not been feeling great for the past two weeks, I've not been in the studio working at all. But I haven't been totally slacking. I had to get both the "January" and "March" tapestries mounted; especially the "January" one, as it will be shipped to the ATB8 exhibit to arrive next week. I took the above photo of it, so you can see the scale. They are each only 18x18 inches.

So here's my 'woven calendar' so far: "January," "February," "March," and "September."

I have the designs ready for the October, June, July, and August tapestries. Clearly, I need to get back to the loom!

In addition to the tapestry mounting process, I have been matting prints. I took the first batch out to the gallery last week, and several have already sold, so I took more out there today.

I have also begun sketching faces. I've done 8 in my sketchbook, so far. I will do 50 faces, then I will do 50 places. So far, they are just simple drawings, a few with watercolor (though my sketchbook doesn't take watercolor very well.) After the first 10, I will do the next 10 in paint, on little bits of canvas. Beware: so far my 'subjects' have been from Facebook profile photos! So if you are my Facebook friend, you may end up in my sketchbook. (Don't worry though. It probably won't look a thing like you, given my sketching skills!)

I am feeling almost human again. I just have a bit of residual neck pain, which makes sleeping a bit of a challenge. But that too will pass.


Anonymous said...

ack! it's me! *cowers*

K Spoering said...

No, it's just a poor likeness of you. No way could I capture your all-over cuteness in that photo!

Mary said...

What do you mean "only" 18 x 18 inches??
My absolute favourite is the January one.
Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

K Spoering said...

Mary, before this series, my tapestries have averaged in the 36x56" range. So this is small for me.