Saturday, August 7, 2010


All of our dogs have been retrievers. And all of them have loved to swim! But Booker has been quite resistant to the idea. He has preferred to be a wading retriever. In my husband's eyes, a wading retriever is not a real retriever at all; he was determined that Booker should discover that he has webbed feet for a reason. So he taught Booker to swim up at the lake yesterday. Of course, Booker being the silly puppy that he still is, I am sure that now swimming includes having my husband in the lake with him, as far as he is concerned. He would not swim otherwise yesterday. He is a dog who likes to feel the solid earth beneath his paws. He was OK with swimming, but it was still all about the stick for him.... and about being with his best friend.

I am off to work at the gallery today. I am having a frustrating creative time right now, so maybe being there will wake up and motivate my muses.


Theresa said...

Maybe Gus has been whispering bad things about water. I'll bet a second retriever would help! ;) Looks like a very fun time at the lake though for everyone.
BTW, I have no water lovers here anymore. Stella is convinced she will drown in a puddle of water. I haven't yet told her about our wet fall season or mentioned the snow word....
Hope you get your creative groove back!

Unknown said...

Our lab, which we bought for hunting, would not swim until he was about a year and a half ... even when his best buddy, my son's lab, was swimming. We despaired for quite a while! He finally just jumped in and went.
Am loving your small paintings, and wished I lived near the gallery so I could see them in person, and maybe even buy some!