Friday, November 26, 2010

First crack at the prairie...

I did this small painting to warm-up yesterday. It is 4"x12" on a 2" deep gallery wrap canvas, with the sides painted to blend in with the front, so it won't be framed. Fun to do!

My goal with this little piece was just to capture the simplicity of the autumn prairie. In fact, I may call it "Autumn Prairie #1," as I'm sure I'll try more autumn prairie pieces. I also started an 8x10" prairie painting. It's not ready for prime time yet, though. I am attempting to show more of 'the artist's hand' in it, and have not yet pleased the artist!


Anonymous said...

You've captured the expansiveness of the prairie sky. Great painting.

Theresa said...

Oh it's wonderful to catch up on your blog. That freezing fog/frost photo is amazing. As is the August Tapestry in progress.
Love Autumn Prairie #1. There are so many things that make it pleasing. The shape. I've always liked a long narrow work and the subject is perfect. It's always easy to find a good spot for that elongated rectangle. I also like gallery wrapped canvases. They seem to just simplify the viewing experience and make the painting itself the star, as it should be.