Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little bittys... just for fun!

I did a few of these tiny paintings (2"x2") just for fun, for the miniatures exhibit at The Blue Pig Gallery. I will be hanging my small work today, a bit late, as I should have done it Sunday, or before. I'm still feeling a bit dizzy, though, with the double ear infections. Yesterday I was afraid to drive that way. Must risk it today, though, as this stuff has to get hung!

I had thought I had plenty of small pieces set back for this show/sale, but when I pulled them out yesterday, I discovered that I am hopefully wrong. Hopefully, because if anything sells, leaving a blank space, I'll be in trouble! And I of course am hoping that will happen. So I'll squeeze some paint back on the palette this afternoon and do some more small pieces. Maybe not quite as small as these 'tinies' though!

I am thinking I'm in the mood to paint cups. Painting cups is like comfort food to me, or I guess it would be 'comfort creating.' Whatever.... it's soup and bread for lunch and cups to paint in the studio. Ahhhh. All I need now is my cozy sweater on, a crackling fire in the grate, a cup of coffee nearby, and a hunk reading me Jane Austen... uh, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away with this comfort thing.

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