Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here comes November!

Tomorrow begins another month. And November is a month that I haven't designed or woven a Calendar series tapestry for yet! So I have been going through photos taken in the past two November's, looking for inspiration. The tapestry will be 18x18 inches square, so I have cropped everything to be square, but haven't otherwise yet altered any photos to create a maquette yet. So far, I'm just in search of inspiration. The above three images, of grass and leaves are nice, but maybe too much like what I will be doing for October...

I am intrigued by these 'harvest moon' photos. Maybe?

This window, with the fall light coming through is also something I love in late fall.

And this would be something completely different. Too different?

Well, the search for inspiration has made me want to get back to the loom and finish the August tapestry. I am feeling better today, so will head into the studio to round up all the small pieces to go to the Blue Pig gallery tomorrow. I believe my small painting inventory is large enough to allow me to spend November and December weaving and designing the next tapestries. Woo-hoo!

(And, in the meantime, I will still have my camera with me at all times, in search of more November inspiration.)

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