Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, 2010

My amaryllis bloomed today! At least the first of the four blooms opened. I grow an amaryllis every winter, so I am posting this sketch of it for the IF topic of 'winter' this week. It gives me some living color to look at, when everything outside is brown and grey.

Happy Christmas to you all, and may you also find bright spots in your winter!


Kappacavy said...

I like your Amaryllis.
I did not know that they grew in the winter!
Merry Christmas!

Mindful Drawing said...

'Winter', Amaryllis and Christmas greetings from Paula via Illustration Friday.
Beautiful tapestries. What a heartbreak that the one with the boats is stolen.
Will it show up in our area (Belgium), I certainly will notify you.

Julia Kelly said...

very nice- I love to forse bulbs in the winter- but my husband hates how most of them smell and so always sticks the ones around the house in my studio- it becomes a little battle between us- I put them out, he socks them away! Merry Christmas!!

Janet illustrator said...

what a lovely idea and how wonderful that it bloomed on Christmas eve.

duermodespierto said...


Linda Hensley said...

Lovely! I like the way you used the different patterns. I hope you enjoyed the holiday. Happy New Year!

deeol said...

I love amaryllises (amaryllisi?). Mine have chosen to bloom in September the past few years, and since they're happier when I don't rest the bulbs I've chosen not to argue with them. I agree -- the bright colour when everything else is dull just lifts the spirits.

I like the freeness of your lines.

K Spoering said...

The second bloom on the amaryllis opened on Christmas morning! I don't usually get so lucky with the timing.

The pattern lines in the sketch are indications of the lace and floral curtains that hang behind the flower pot.