Sunday, October 9, 2011

I couldn't have done it without you......

You may not know this about me, but I am very fond of my Apple products. I use my Mac computer in all of my design processes. It has made the process so much easier for me, and I know that several of my tapestries would not have been created at all without the computer's help. That is not to say that I do all of my designing on the computer, just that it is involved a great deal in the design process for me.

I have created 2 ATA exhibit catalogs on my Mac computers. I hope to soon put together a catalog/book of my own work as well. My business cards, prints, and promotional brochures are from my own computer; saving me a ton of money.

In addition, one of my studio's best 'tools' to help me to get 'in the creative zone' is my iPod. I load audio books from the library into it, to listen to as I paint and weave.

I have come to rely on my iPhone to have a good and somewhat stealthy camera with me at all times. Some of my best resource material has come from my iPhone camera.

And some of you do know that my iPad has recently become as useful to me as the other Apple tools. In fact, I am constantly amazed by what can be done on this little thing, with so little effort. It has quickly become a tool my travel art bag will not do without.

I do not know what kind of artist I would be without the tools Steve Jobs has given me, but I am very sure, if I were still an artist, I would be working even harder at it then I am now, and producing much less.

Thank you, Mr. Jobs.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." Steve Jobs

Posted from my iPad


Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts about your Apple affection! I also have gained so much from my association with my Apple tools through the past twenty years. I definitely have "an Apple a day" in my life!

trish at tangled threads said...

It is,indeed, a very sad turn of events. How much his creative vision has influenced all of us.