Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Acadia

I love that the US has set aside some of the most beautiful spots in our country to belong to each and all of us, as our National Parks.

So when we visit these places, though we may be surrounded by other people, we can be confident that our experience of the place belongs to us alone. Acadia is my experience of it.

This is my second visit to my Acadia. In my experience, Acadia is cool and moist air, crashing waves, trees growing out of rocky places, and lovely autumn light.

Reflections; beauty worth repeating.

One of the small sketches I did yesterday. (4x5" watercolor)

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Theresa said...

Oh I have to agree, our national parks are priceless and Acadia, is probably one of the prettiest of those gems.
Lovely sketch.