Sunday, January 22, 2012

A bit of a detour...

While you were not looking, I have been busy in the studio, but not at the loom (where I should have been.) But occasionally, one must strike while the iron is hot. (An aside note about that phrase: I saw a blacksmith use the phrase on PBS's This Old House recently. Being a fiber person, I had always thought it referred to a hot iron, as in what you press fabric with. But it made much more sense when the blacksmith used it to refer to hitting, or striking, the metal while it was hot from the fire to reshape it. Duh. An example of how much our own experiences shape our often faulty perceptions, I guess.)

Anyway, the current 'hot iron' was my woodworking husband being without a project, and eager for something constructive to do in his shop. When we moved into this house 14 years ago, I asked him to build me shelves in the studio closet. What he came up with, much to my amazement and dismay, is what you see above: two narrow sets of shelves up the sides of the closet, leaving the bulk of space useless. So, I jumped on his project-less state and begged him to re-do my closet shelves, to my specifications this time.

Needless to say, all the piled up stuff had to come out of the closet. It filled my studio, the upstairs hallway, and our summer bedroom. Where did all that stuff come from? And what did/do I think I am going to need it for?

This is what my wonderful new shelves look like! This is also what I had in mind 14 years ago when I asked for shelves. It took me longer to deal with all the stuff than it took my husband to construct and install the shelves. I also painted the inside of the closet, which had what I believe might have been the original paint on the upper portion of the closet (from1921).

Some detours are necessary.  Rarely do they save you time or effort, but some turn out pretty well, even when they are not what you had planned for that time. This one has turned out to be well worth the time and effort it took. Goodwill has also benefited by acquiring a good bit of my 'stuff.' That part felt so good, I'm sure they will get more soon!

I have not been completely without creative progress during this project. I have been weaving a small whimsical tapestry on my small loom for the ATA small tapestry exhibit. I have about a third of it woven. I will share it with you later. It is great fun to weave some whimsy again!

Tomorrow I go back to the big loom in the now clean studio. I am ready to spend time with Mr. Fox and his friends again. And maybe now I can find those small beaters and sharp scissors when I need them!

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Julia Kelly said...

ohhhh- more shelves- the best thing!!! Your set for some major creating in 2012!