Friday, July 13, 2012

The Earth Cries in Drought....

We recently went up to our cabin on the Mesa east of town. We were to be there for four days, which is longer than we usually get to stay. I excitedly packed my paint supplies; oils, canvases, brushes. My plan was to go down to the lake and set up my travel easel and paint the lake, which is usually surrounded by beautiful fields of wildflowers at this time of year.

But when we got there, all we saw all around the lake was brown. The lake is lower than usual, due to our dry winter and spring. And the usual beautiful blooming flowers were just dry brown leaves. What a disappointment! Not only because we love the flowers, but there went my plan of sitting and painting the beautiful lake. Who wants to paint brown? In fact, even the sky was grey and sad while we were there. I think it wanted to rain, but it has forgotten how.

So I got out a photo I had taken last year, when a wet winter had resulted in beautiful Mule Ear Daisies as far as the eye could see. And I sat in the cabin and did a small 5x7 painting of what I wanted to see, but didn't, at the lake.

In the evenings we listened to news of wildfires all over the state. This has already been the worst year ever for wildfires in Colorado. Thousands have lost their homes to the fire. So I will not grieve over the loss of one weekend's painting time. But I am praying that the fires continue to lessen, and that rain comes to end the drought, and to make the lake laugh in flowers again (to loosely quote Mr. Emerson.)


Michele said...

I feel awful for all the people affected by the fires. Here in Alberta I've been soaking in the richness of the greens and the abundance. It's our turn this year - we've had drought years, but this year we've barely had summer, for all the rain. If we could just share and strike a nice balance for all - but that isn't the way that nature works. Love your picture - at least you have your memories to get you through this year!

Mary said...

We have had some similar weather patterns lately. A drought that gradually got worse for about 15 years seems to have broken. We have had quite a bit or rain lately and things are looking good for spring.
We have also had bad fires in recent years and things are gradually recovering - and at least we didn't have to cope with bears being displaced and in our homes! So take heart, the cycle moves and things generally recover - and maybe we appreciate them more.