Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lovely Extremes...

We are home from a trip to California. I taught a one-day workshop at Convergence 2012, in Long Beach. I did not take any photos of the seminar, but I truly enjoyed the lovely and creative women I spent the day with. 
We drove this time, and our trip that direction begins with a loooong day through the desert that is western Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. It is a beautiful, stark, unchanging view.

I have been to California several other times in this past year, but on those trips was just able to see the Pacific ocean as I passed over in a plane. This time, I was determined to get my feet wet! My brother and his lovely wife and daughter took us to the beach at Laguna. The waves crashed and the scene was very Californian, so my wet sandy feet were happy.


One of the other things we got to do with my brother's family was to go to the Pageant of the Masters and the Festival of the Arts in Laguna. It was pretty amazing. The Pageant includes living reproductions of art by famous artists. This years' work included Van Gogh, Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, and more, and it always ends with da Vinci's "Last Supper.' No photos were allowed at either the Pageant or at the Art Festival, of course.

We also finally got to the Gamble House, designed and built by the Greene brothers, in Pasadena. We have wanted to see this house for years, and it was worth seeing! Again, photos weren't allowed inside. It is a stunning Arts and Crafts home that has been very well preserved.

It was wonderful to get to Convergence at Long Beach; to meet new friends and to see some old ones. It was great to spend some time with family. I loved being at the ocean, as I always do. Seeing new art work and a new way of presenting art was inspiring. But it is also very good to be home. I am ready to work in my studio and at my loom again. I even have some new work running rampant through the brain, hoping to make it's way out to canvas or loom. So stay tuned.....

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