Sunday, September 16, 2012

The last Peace of summer...

Yesterday I noticed that my Peace rose had a bloom. I cut it and put it in an empty Port bottle, which I've saved because my son and his wife brought us the port from Portugal, and we had toasted their then-new PhD status with it.
All day long, as I took breaks from the loom to eat or drink or stretch, the rose called to my camera. First it said, 'look at the beautiful water drops I've collected from the sprinklers!'

Then, after I'd set it in the kitchen window to keep Gus from dumping it for the joy of seeing water spill (one of his favorite past-times), it called, 'look at the light, making me glow!' (The kitchen window was calling, 'look at how badly I need to be washed before winter comes!')

I took a dozen photos of the rose. And maybe I was just making my loom breaks longer, because I deleted most of the photos this morning.

After working several looooooong days this past week, I met my weaving goal for the week. (Yea, me!) I will probably not be sharing photos of the two tapestries now until they are cut off, which I am determined will be at the end of the month. I have 7" left to weave on both tapestries to reach the top, then a hem on each, before I cut off.  All of the faces are woven, now I have a 'mille fleur' area to weave on each.... well, maybe not mille fleurs, but it will feel like it before they are all woven, I am sure.

Maybe it's all those flowers ahead to be woven that drew my attention to the Peace rose. Or maybe it is just that I see it as a last goodbye to the season, and one more plea by the living earth for Peace.

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Vera L Hazelgrove said...

It's a beautiful rose!
best wishes for your weaving! Vera