Monday, December 3, 2012

Presented and Dedicated...

Yesterday was the day for the presentation and dedication of the Nativity  Tapestries. You can see the placement of the tapestries, which are still covered before they were presented by the donor family in the above photo.

They invited me to tell about the symbolism in the tapestries. Most of what I said can be found here. You can see the right side tapestry behind me.

Here is a photo of the donor couple and one of their sons with me and the tapestry that hangs to the left side.

I did not get a good photo of both tapestries installed, because they were either surrounded by people (after the service) or covered up (before the service.) So I will go back and get a good photo that includes them both on site in a few days.

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Mary said...

Once again, congratulations. You must be very proud (and they will be viewed regularly but a lot of people). Couldn't resist the parentheses (or brackets, as we call them here).