Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the second day of Christmas....

...your fiber friend gave to you, two knitted slippers! I am counting my link to the Met in the previous post as my first Christmas gift to you, dear blog readers. That gift should be a very valuable one, as you can go to the Met site and find other tapestries (and paintings) to look at 'up close' as well as the one I posted.

My second 'gift' to you (and even more so, to me) is a link to the knit pattern for these cozy slippers. I decided to make myself a pair, as we're going to my son's house for the holiday, and we take off our shoes in his house. The pattern is a free one that I found on Ravelry and it can be found and downloaded here.

So put "White Christmas" on and settle in with your needles and a cup of hot chocolate, and you'll have slipper #1 done by the end of the movie! You can do the next one tomorrow night, as you watch "Holiday Inn" or "Christmas in Connecticut" (can you tell that I like the old movies?)

Let me know if you make these. I am already enjoying mine, and plan to make another pair in non-holiday colors.


Mary said...

Thank you for your gifts. They made me actually go and look up the internet - so easy to use and research. This is because I have always thought that the 12 days of Christmas are from December 25th to January 6th and that is when you must take down the decorations. Funny how you have these traditions and you don't know where you got them from. It turns out that different countries have different traditions - no news there. We are gearing up for a hot day here today 39 F (Sunday 23rd) but it should be a lovely day on Christmas day.
I have also had this maths problem with the Twelve Days of Christmas. Someone told me that if you repeat each number each day, you will end up with 365 gifts, one for each day. But I can never get it to be 365! Maybe I am not supposed to count Christmas Day.

K Spoering said...

Mary, I really don't know when the 12 days of Christmas are! :-) The only tradition we have here about that is the fairly annoying and repetitive song. So I celebrate them when and how I like.