Monday, May 27, 2013

A bit more from SPUN...

One of the exhibits I enjoyed at the SPUN exhibits at the Denver Art Museum was the exhibit,  "Pattern Play: The contemporary Designs of Jacqueline Groag." I love pattern! Next to color, it is my favorite design element. The walls were hung with pieces of fabric, and some seemed very familiar to me, especially the ones in the photo just above. They reminded me of the curtains I grew up with, which I wove in my "Big Green Chair" tapestry. The dates on the fabrics are just listed as 'post WWII.'

"Fiesta Brown Eyed Beauty" by Wm Penhallow Henderson

"Don't You go Frettin' Sallie, I'll Tend to it" by Wm HD Koerner

Another exhibit I enjoyed was  "Western Duds: How Clothing Helped Create an Archetype." It included beautiful paintings of the 'wild west,' showing how the clothing worn in the photos identified time and place. The exhibit blurb said there were also exhibited clothes in the exhibit, but all we saw were a pair of very old Levis and a serape shawl. I was a bit disappointed not to see more actual clothing, but the paintings were lovely.  (Again, excuse my poor iPhone photos!)

This exhibit reminded me of the exhibit the Met put on a few years ago, of Matisse's paintings and the fabric that inspired them. I didn't get to see the exhibit, but have the catalog. 

I have also woven and painted a few pieces, inspired by pieces of fabric. "The Big Green Chair" linked above, the jacket and mittens in the Winter seasons tapestry, and the dress in the "Dama con Mangoes" tapestry, to share a few. And I still have some pieces of fabric, filled with pattern, that are inspiring me for future works! These two exhibits did flame the fire of inspiration in that direction!

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